Thursday, April 30, 2009

Action, yes action!

I'm still on the adrenalin rush from the running this morning but yes, I got laid last night! Big success!
As soon as my boyfriend got home yesterday I was all over him, hugging and kissing. But alas, some kind of male stupidity must have struck him because he happily continued cooking. Now, tacos is almost as good as sex so I forgave him and stuffed my face full of it!

Eventually we ended up in bed talking about serious stuff, perhaps not the perfect set up for steamy sex. I was a bit disappointed but at least we were discussing sex, and what turns us on. After I mentioned a few things that makes me hot he then turned to me and put his hand around my throat and asked, in a unusually dark voice, if this was what I meant. Me, being reduced to a shivering package, mumbled something under my breath and enjoyed all the hornyness that filled my body.

There were squeezing, there were licking and there were sucking. Eventually he started fingering my anal and asked if it wanted to be filled up. With just a hint of shamefullness I gladly said yes. I just love the feeling of his dick sliding in and out of my anal! It fits so perfectly inside, just the size so that it stretches my anal enough but at the same time goes in without much prework.

I always have a easy time coming with a dick inside my anal, and after six years together we can time our orgasms so that we come together. It's very romantic! Not that I have time to think about romantic stuff when I'm in the middle of a orgasm...

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