Sunday, March 18, 2012

The exquisitely delicious humiliation of having cum all over your body - and not being allowed to wipe it off

We were lying in bed, resting for a while (last night was a party night). I was naked and cuddled up with my back towards him, pressing my ass firmly against his crotch and him playing and stroking my stomach and breasts. So really, when I say resting I meant arousing each other.
Seeing as we are both kinda ill at the moment we knew we weren't headed for a big session, just som cozy fun.

After a while I was ordered around and told to touch him. I started stroking his cock in long, smooth movements and playing with his oh so sensitive nipples. He had his hand on the back of my head, applying a steady pressure down towards his cock or just a firm grip of my hair. Extremely cozy and very pleasant.

Later, when it was time for him to have his orgasm, I asked, a bit embarrassed, where he meant to ejaculate. A subtle question with a deeper meaning. He knows how much I love having sperm on my body and hearing my question he quickly changed his plans from tissues to my body. So he ejaculated, smearing cum all over my stomach and breasts and it was lovely. Feeling it hit the body, the warm liquid all sticky and gooey, and knowing that I'll have to lay still until it has dried completely on my body. Marvellous! Amazing! Hot as hell!

We cuddled while we waited for it to dry and then got up and he told me what clothes I was allowed to wear today - knee high socks and a tank top.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hey ya'all!
Look what the cat dragged in!

I've been gone a little over a year and during that time a lot has happened.
As I wrote in november 2010 I had applied to an university and had high hopes (terrified hopes) that I'd be moving to Stockholm and start studying. Turns out that is exactly what happened.

I got accepted into the university, started looking for an apartment and got an offer from The Mathteacher to stay with him in his apartment if I couldn't find a place of my own. And since Stockholm is Stockholm, of course I couldn't find my own place so roughly a year and two months ago me, my cat and my computer moved into his home. And we never left.

After five years of living together with my ex I was more than used to living with someone and in all honesty, it's nice to have someone to come home to. Someone who listens when you whine, rubs your neck when you're stiff and spanks you whenever you feel the need.

Granted, the sex part of the relationship does take a slight hit when you're living together. It seems you become lazy and way to willing to just lie on the sofa and wath tv. The weirdest part of it all is that you're not even missing the sex! When I first started living here we played all the time and we had sessions that lasted weeks! Now we occasionally wake up and realize we havent played in the last two weeks. It's a bummer and we are working on fixing this.

Sharing an appartment and a bed thankfully doesn't mean I've gone mono. No no, far from it. During this year I've dated, played with and explored other people. I've had threesomes and fivesomes and played in public on a club on more than one occasion. I even spent new years eve on a party taking place in a hostel designed for bdsm-people. Hopefully I'll be able to recall these events perfectly and share them with you on this blog.

And seeing as hentai pictures is my new go-to-porn I'll leave you with a little sweetheart.
Sweet innocent eyes and a leash and I'm gone, fapping away like a mad man...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Last night I got spanked

For the longest time I've lacked the lust to play and/or have sex. I have barely masturbated. I just didn't want to, it's fairly normal for my body to do such things - sometimes it's horny as hell and sometimes it just wants peace and quiet.

Anyhow, last night we were watching the miniseries about Sherlock Holmes, me and the Math Teacher, when I decided to cuddle up next to him and timidly ask if he could read my mind. Wich he could!

Soon I found myself over his knee, with my pants and panties pulled down to my knees, and so we finished watching the tv while he was slowly stroking and teasing my butt. I enjoyed every second of it. Relaxing, arousing and wonderful.

Not soon after the show ended he asked me if I was ready and started spanking me. Oh how I love the spanking in the beginning when it's all very soft and thrilling! Just the right amount of pain to enjoy it. Didn't take him long to take it up a notch though and soon my moans where mixed with pleasure and pain.

Besides regular hand spanking we went through the cane, the riding crop, a spatula, a bath brush and a homemade plastic loop wich stings like a bee. All very hurtful and all very lovely!

After all was done and over with and I was lying over his knee, breathing and feeling happy, I asked him to touch me and that's how we ended our evening - me having a really strong orgasm after all that lovely pain.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Math Teacher

I've decided to call the new playpal The Math Teacher. He's smart, generous, a sadist and a switch.

It's been present from the beginning of our relationship. The pain. We both enjoy it, cherish it and want more of it. We both curse at the other when being hurt but the second the pain stops we ask for more. We often laugh and joke about our lack of self-preservation but in truth, I don't think any of us feel as much alive as when the pain runs through our bodies. It's a kick. An addiction and we don't plan on quitting. Ever.

He wants me to hurt him. To use his body to inflict pain, to use him to arouse myself. And I do. I torture and torment his body in every way I can imagine, enjoying every minute of it, and he still asks me for more when I'm done. It's all very liberating and I've discovered that my sadistic side is stronger and more evil than I ever imagined.

I want him to hurt me. To use me. To make me scream and cry. To leave my body with red marks and an exhausted mind. And he does. He plays with my body and mind until I'm right where he wants me, and then he hurts me some more. I enjoy every minute of it. The fear, the pain, the acceptance and the intense feelings - all mixed together into bliss. wich she finds a new play pal, breaks up with her boyfriend and considers moving to Stockholm

So yeah, the title says it all really. Me and my boyfriend has broken up. We've been together for 8 years roughly and living together for 5. We're not angry at each other, we do not hate each other, we're simply put still friends. And the caring and loving for each other is still there but more in the form of brother and sister-love. So we decided to make it official a month or two ago without to much of a fuss. There's nothing dirty about it at all, we just decided that it was time we went our separate ways. It does actually feel kinda nice, I feel strong and like I'm finally going somewhere in my life. All will be well in the end somehow.

Speaking of moving on with my life, I've applied to university in Stockholm and if I get accepted I'll be moving there. It's a big city compared to where I'm living now and there's people everywhere! I guess I'll get used to it eventually but for now it's a bit scary. Hopefully this will lead to education, a good job and a chance to be closer to my friends.

I didn't really waste any time after The Beast left, I licked my wounds and started hunting again. He didn't crush me by the way it all ended but he did leave some wounds. I think they're healed now, just some scar tissue left to handle. Soon after our breakup I realized that the man I've been mailing with back and forth during the summer was actually quit nice talking to, and his writing made me curious for more. So we met, it all went well and here I am, two months later, sitting in his apartment, wearing his clothes and writing on his computer.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Kinda looks like a slumber party gone perverted.

Struggling boys. Humongous wooden dicks. Competition. Huge black dildo as reward. All fun and games!

Also, they apparently have lubricant, what are the competing boys whining about?

Monday, September 6, 2010

His hand around her neck.

Her cuffed hands ( I assume they are).

Her exposed breats (in a fucking marvellous dress).

Her devious look as she faces her soon-to-be-tormentor.

I <3 her.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm sorry to say...

As much as it saddens me to write this I have to let it out. Me and The Beast is no more. We've broken up and most likely won't see each other for sex again. At times I feel relieved and at times I wish to go back to what we had.

I've experienced so much in the arms of that man and I'm sure we could have gone much deeper into bdsm than we did, we were always coming up with new things to try out and I did some stuff with him I never thought I'd do.
It felt like nothing were holding us back and there were nothing we couldn't tell each other about sex. Sadly other parts of our relationship were messed up and we never got them back on track.

It was an amazing journey.
Though I'll try to get back up on my feet and start looking for a new partner in (crime) bed as soon as possible, not having sex is boring.
Drawn by Ulf_Popenos over at Darkside

There's something about the picture I find enthralling.

The way I assume an facial expression of lust where there are no expression.
The way he towers over her, his power that's shown so obvious to my eyes.
His strength, her pleasure.
His arm around her neck, a silent threat of lust and danger.