Saturday, April 4, 2009

Red nails

I've had a wonderful weekend.
Shaved my pussy again on friday to keep it smooth. Still working wonders on my boyfriend, he was all over me! Had a delicious fuck, kept on riding him for a long time, pushing my own orgasm away. It was so good, didn't want it to end to early. I'd like to suggest trying that, because when I finally let go and came it was so strong and lasted a long time. Delicious.

Another thing I did on friday was to paint all my nails shining red. I like red, makes me feel naughty. Just as black nails make me feel dominant and silvery nails ordinary pretty. Watching my red nails caress and scratch my boyfriends body is hot. Seeing my red nails on my own body is actually even more hot. Caressing my breasts, running down my stomach, touching my pussy, going inside me... And when I'm not in bed enjoying myself they serve as a reminder of what I just did, or are about to do.

Also the weather was awesome and the food marvellous!

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  1. I just love to keep it on the edge... just before orgasm. I can stay there forever. And when the ejaculation finally comes... wow! That is a squirt and a half.

    And... I also love red nails.

  2. @ranger: Thank you for commenting, it warms my naughty heart!
    And I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes it on the edge.