Thursday, April 9, 2009

Don't they just look adorable!

I can see myself wearing one of this during a longer session, as a jewelry. Part of the whole "dress up for my master" thingie. What I've read they are quite heavy and adds a special sensation to the normal butt plug feeling. I've only had normal (rubber, latex?) ones inside me and sure it's fun being filled up but this would give it more of a feeling of submission. Looking like the pretty toy I am.

My first butt plug was/is not very small, and not very big. Just perfect for me. I can take it almost at once and I feel filled up with it. Second butt plug I bought was/is tiny but with a vibrator. Sadly the "wings" that are meant to stop it it from going in further are to weak and after a fatal night we decided not to use it again...
A year ago I bought my third and last butt plug, an inflatable one, more exactly this one. I do get more turned on by the thought of it being inflated inside my anal than the act itself but it does feel great. Hearing the "psst" from the bulb is great, shortly after you get the stretching feeling that I do get a little bit addicted too. I recommend going slow though or it starts to sting. The vibration I can't remember at all, should probably try it again.

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