Thursday, May 14, 2009

Use me, please me

My italian boy caught me of guard the other night with some carefully selected words. He knows wich buttons to push to make me hot. It's been a while since we last did something but it was so sweet seeing his face on the cam again. This time he gave me something new to think about.

His dark voice reached me as I was waiting for his next command. Within minutes I had taken all of my clothes off and given them to him, my master.
Without a word he left with my clothes and closed the door behind him. Shivering from the cold air and a little nervous I patiently waited at my spot, not moving an inch. He trained me well. When the door finally opened I looked up, happy to be with my master again. The shock and embarrassment exploded in my body as I noticed two unfamiliar men behind him. Panicking I tried to cover my body with my hands but a sharp word from my master stopped me. Still not convinced I could do this I put my hands down my sides and stood like a statue, just like his command had told me. However the humiliation was to much to bear and so I closed my eyes.
-Slave, look at me.
I opened my eyes and found him right in front of me, looking at me with his green eyes. We stood silent for a while and I found comfort in his calm eyes.
-I want you to obey my friends as if I were here. Can you do that for me?
My lips curved up to a small smile and I nodded. Confident, relaxed and trusting my master completely.
He stepped back, eyed me up and down one final time and then turned his back to me.
-She's all yours.
As the door closed behind him I moved my eyes to the two men in front of me. Their hungering eyes were ravishing my body and my humiliation returned. I took a deep breath and kneeled, thinking only about pleasing.

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