Saturday, May 16, 2009

The real thing

I wish the session last night would have been filmed. I imagine I was quit a sight.
Hands tied behind my back. Breasts tightly tied and whipped. Makeup smudged. Drool hanging from my mouth. Tears running from my eyes. Kneeling and begging him to fuck my mouth.

What I appreciate the most about him is that he's so evil it makes the whole thing real. I don't have to "act" to look scared, or pretend I want to get away from the punishment. I am scared, I would do anything to get away from punishment. Someone else wondering if I'm really sane? Cause while Im there suffering I wonder that.

But afterwards I feel good. It is as it should be. And I want to do it again. Cause underneath all the pain I acctually enjoy the feeling of the whip. I get turned on by the way I imagine I look. Unable to protect myself I lean against him, seeking protection in his arms as soon as he allows me, giving comfort at the same time as he hurts me. A sweet mixture.

How an interesting subject for discussing. The friendliest person you could imagine, turned evil and enjoying my pain. Haha, and this the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare declared to be sane just now. Truly an impressive decision to be able to see beyond the surface of pain.

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