Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My neck

Getting my neck stroked is to me very erotic and will most likely turn me on. Now, being the naughty, perverted girl I am, I also enjoy being strangled. Partly it's my sensitive neck, partly it's the struggle for air but mostly I would say it's the act of giving up control to my partner that turns me on.

I've never been strangled enough to actually loose my breath and I have no wish to experience that. See, I do have my limits.

A gentle touch of his hand, slowly caressing my vulnerable throat. The other making it's way down my chest and in under my bra. As he pinches and plays with my nipple the grip of my throat fastens and my breathing gets heavy.

On another note.
My boyfriend tried to seduce me today, yay on that!
Sadly we failed to have sex due to a cat who just couldn't understand why I didn't wanna cuddle with him right then...

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