Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Time for the yearly bath

Decided to take a warm bath tonight, something I do roughly once every year. To my surprise my boyfriend wanted to join in so we squeezed his long body and my chubby body into one narrow tub. Wich makes for a lot of body contact, yay! We actually talked. About what gift to buy a friend, about food, about my trip, about dreams. It was so cozy, had a great time. Then he started touching my pussy, out of the blue. And it felt good, really good! Didn't go all the way to an orgasm but it could have. Still, I felt happy with what I got. Exactly what I wanted actually, felt very relaxed afterwards. In return I gave him a blow job. Didn't take long until I had my mouth full of semen. Yes I can swallow and no I didn't, it tastes horrible! And the consistency! Euw!
My bags are packed, my nerves are calm, studying a bit before going to bed. Somehow I need to sneak a couple of meters of rope into my bags, I missed doing it while I was alone. And I want the ropes with me. I want to see his face when I pull them up and he realizes what I could do with them. Or what he could do with them for that matter. I keep trying to plan the moment when it will happen but I cant be sure how or when or even if it will happen. Just wish.

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