Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My sexography

Then again, if I were to count the numbers of people I played around with on the internet/webcam/phone I'd raise that number a great deal.

#1 was many many years ago, a guy I hooked up with on the internet and then ended up talking with on the phone. He wanted me to be dom but I was young and only sub at that time so I got an orgasm while he was being dom.

#2 and 4-7 is guys I've hooked up with while playing different online games and ended up getting orgasms from.

#2 I were friends with for a while, then suddenly we ended up in playtime and spent quite a few weeks chatting late and being very dirty. He was good fun, we lost contact now though.

#3 was a couple I spoke with for a longer while, we almost made plans to meet and see what happened but it never got anywhere. One night I was really drunk and decided to show off my body on webcam, they liked to watch.

#4 was only chatt, a real dom, a good one. He made me earn the right to call him Sir. He knows me very well and are able to tell me things I didn't even realize.

#5 I played with on the webcam and mic, vanilla bdsm. We still play the game together but nothing more is happening in the sex apartment.

#6 was one night, a short thing, brought up by alcohol and some earlier conversations in that direction.

#7 is a close friend who happened to like me as a dom. I am so very thankfull and happy that I get to show him this world of mine.

I think that was all, of course I've had many more sex chatts with random strangers but they just didn't stick and so they arent qualified for this list.

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