Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I've had several wonderful late nights in a row now. Wich is starting to take it's toll on me, being sleepy for an entire day is rather interesting. But when night falls and everyone else is sleeping I find myself hoping for another night of conversations, another night where I can feel relaxed, horny and very happy that this person likes me in return.

He used his webcam last night, it was lovely! I got to see his expressions while we were talking and seeing his emotions run across his face when we crossed the line into naughtyness was awesome, I am very gratefull.

With that I need to get myself a webcam set up. Apparently Im a sucker for attention and having him drool at my webcam image instead of a picture will be so, so sweet.

I feel a little bad about yesterday though. It was obvious he wanted to go further and I failed him, I couldnt pass the line entirely. I wasen't sure if I should even go there or what I should do if I went there. My imagination failed me so I couldn't give him what he needed.

Also darnit, he is starting to look to cute! I hope it was all due to the fact it was really late when I saw him in the webcam. His friendship is the most important feature to me, I want to keep it like that. And also, I got a small rush of hornyness when I saw him. Surprised me. And oh my how proud he will be when I tell him!

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