Monday, February 9, 2009

Planned sex

Since me and boyfriend have had some trouble finding the time to actually have sex, not just thinking about it we actually planned to have sex today. Wich can seem a bit strange and it actually was. I've been horny for some weeks now but today I didnt feel the urge. The act could have been hotter, it could have been less clumsy. I was probably the only one feeling like that though, I get really stressed out by knowing I have to have sex.
But nevertheless, after two orgasms for me and one for him we have had our planned sex.

I recently stopped eating the birthcontrol pills due to some medical issues so we are doing the whole condom thing now, wich made me really nervous. "What if it breaks, my pubic hair is really short and sharp now, is it possible for pubic hair to breake a condom?"
I actually had to inflate it to make sure no nasty sperms had gotten through.

Conclusion: I wont try and plan sex again. I dont do good with planned sex, it never turns me on as much as I would like.

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