Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The names

I dont understand this thing with name calling during BDSM sessions. What good will calling my sub a "worthlesspiece of shit" do? How can I get my sub to trust me if I keep telling him his cock isen't good enough for a fuck. Why would I want to crush his self esteem in order to properly torment him.
I prefer other words. Calling the boy a toy will make him feel insignificant, and reassuring he knows I'm the one who should get pleased. Calling him a pet will also reduce him to nothing more than a thing, there for my amusement. Telling him his cock is big and how much I'd like to fuck him just to turn around and walk away, letting him know he will never get to choose when his cock is going to be used. Calling him a good boy will make him very proud, calling him bad will make him feel ashamed.
What kind of dom are you if you cant get a sub to submitt without using "disgusting worm" as a weapon. And why oh why would you keep on screaming and allowing your bad mood to hit him harder than necessary.There is no trust in that in my honest opinion. And trust is the most important thing when you are about to hit him with the whip that will surely make him scream.
Boys do make good pets. And I care for my pets. Add love and trust and they are yours for ever.

Picture found at god knows where.

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