Monday, February 16, 2009


My italian boy, #7, has started using the word ciao whenever we say our goodbyes or hellos. And every time I hear it I transform into a giggling teenager who has a huge crush on the hot tempered italian. It's a bit far from the truth, I never condsidered myself having a weak spot for romantic stuff and he isen't hot tempered but still. Something says click and whirr inside me when I hear him speak italian. Im becoming more and more like my mum...

It has been decided that I shall go visit him in Germany soon. Very soon. Im rather nervous and freaked out a bit too. We are both a bit neurotic so we can understand each other. But it's not he who has to travel all day, I never flewn abroad before, and being left alone in a whole new country! Really scary when I think about it now. Everythings is so much clearer when Im horny. His words can turn me on so much and I cant wait to spend a full week, cuddling and fucking.

I mourn the loss of something I never had, his tongue on my pussy. I know he will want this and question me about it. But one week of pleasure is not worth getting a disease for the rest of my life. I want to live life, not shorten it!
I will be strong. It's my body. No matter how horny it is.

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