Monday, February 9, 2009


Kneeling on the floor you are a bit cold and uncomfortable but it doesnt really matter. You are listening carefully as she walks around you, your eyes closed on command. Her heels are making a very distinct sound every times she moves and you cant help but shiver. She has a crop in her hand and every now and then she touches your body with it. Your shoulders, your back, your neck and your nipples, they all get a light touch from the croup making you tremble every time it touches. After completing several laps around you, thoroughly inspecting you, she comes to a stop in front of you. With the crop she makes you spread your legs enough for her to place one foot on the floor in between your thighs. Her hand grabes a firm hold on your chin, almost hurtfully firm. She leans in and whispers in your ear "Such a sweet toy."

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