Monday, February 9, 2009

My sexography

I've had 4 sexpartners.

#1 was my first boyfriend. He took my virginity, it was also he who gave me my first kiss, my first petting, first anal, my first anything really. I was a total noob on sex of any kind back then. It took me 10 months to realize he was a scumbag and it took years before I stopped being afraid of him. But the sex was good.

#2 was my second boyfriend. It was with him I started exploring bdsm. Sex was good, exploring was good, our personal chemistry sucked though. We lost contact but now we're back at friends stage. A friend who occasionally ties me up, beats me and uses me for his own pleasures. Gotta love a friend who gives you what you need.

#3 is my current boyfriend. We've been together for 6 years now, lived together for roughly 3 years. Sex used to be good but lately it has started to degenerate down to once a month. Yes that sucks. Bad.

#4 was my sumer crush. We were online friends for a long time without crossing that border into sex. Then the chance came to meet each other, we both jumped of joy of course. Before we meet I asked the rather fateful question if he ever thought of me as something else than a good friend. He answered yes. After that it went downhill into sex of an awesome kind but also ruined feelings. I could be prouder of some of my actions, but I will never ever regret having him as a sexpartner. I name him the God of Licking a Woman.

So, that's all. A very short list. Im disappointed. Next after getting myself a job I like is the need for more sexual experience. Im glad I have a open relationship that allows me to take a chance if I see it.

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