Monday, June 1, 2009


Frustration has fond me again,
This time with a hint of sadness. So much I want to experience but no one in sight to experience it with. I am restless and lacking my usual patience for long term relationship that usually foregoes a bdsm-relationship in my world.

Went to a medieval fair this weekend, really nice. There were a woman there, long, curvy and with brown frisky hair. She played a home-made violin and sang peculiar songs. She was awesome. After eyeing her for some minutes my mind started making pick up lines in a old fashioned way.

Oh my fair lady. What beautiful songs you bestow upon us this the most radiant of days. My heart weakens at the sound of your voice as it carries the words higher and higher up into the sapphire blue sky. Yet I fear both your voice and admirable violinplay pales in the vicinity of a even greater beauty... You, my fair lady. Your eyes are like the color of honey while your voice lends the smoothness of said thing. Your hair is that from a nymph, newly awaken in the, with dew covered, rose. Your hands could soothe a baby stolen from its mother or drive a cold blooded man or woman insane with lust.

Yes, something is definitely different with me.

No sex whatsoever this weekend, had a friend staying over and we spent every waking minut with her. Listened to good music, missed a opportunity to meet a potential sex partner, drooled at well-trained, half-naked young men and ate unhealthy. Overall a rather good weekend.

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