Thursday, June 11, 2009

When in need, smash a window

Today I've been busy hanging out with my family (wich included work but also lots of food and cake!) but yet the horny thoughts kept hitting me. I was feeling a bit weird because of it until I finally realised what I had to do - masturbate!

Thankfully the perfect opportunity occured after the gardening my mum had me do. Naturally I wanted to take a shower before the cake happened and so I got a chance to use the faitful bidé. I spent quit some moments on that thing growing up and I've had some of my most perverted thoughts on it. It would clearly place as top 1 on the list of my favourite sex toys. Orgasm isen't minutes away, we're talking seconds here. My guess is that it has something to do with how I'm able to tense my inner muscles when "riding" it. So in honor of old traditions I took a quick ride today and came twice. After that I felt very much relieved and were able to function normally.

When I got home in the evening I got a phone call and now I'm back to constant hornyness...

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  1. Porrtrollet: Jag har försökt att bortse från romantik länge, men jag insåg tillslut att det är att ändra på mig själv, då jag tydligen är romantisk också samt vill ha en skopa sådant då och då.. Skulle mycket hellre kunna sluta fantisera om det då jag inte får det. ;)