Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Still frustrated, but happy

My mind just wont leave what happened yesterday. I'm constantly feeling horny. And longing for the pain that was, and the pain that will come.

Never being hit by a cane* before yesterday was a discovery worth every cent I payed for the bus. I do not own one myself but I think I might just have to get one before the weekend. Blushing a bit here at the thought of aqcuiring something that will hurt me...

Edit: *Cane-like thingie


  1. It was not a cane. A real cane hurts much more...

    I'll probobly bring one.

  2. Eep!
    I'll still be looking forward to it though, as the crazy maniac that I am. And good, you just spared me a trip to the city :p