Monday, September 7, 2009

His tongue was pierced

So, my date this friday.
I've been busting my brain all weekend trying to come up with a good text about it but the "flow" won't come to me so I'll just spit it out.

It was good, but nothing extraordinary at all. We were both equally big cat lovers and players but the connection stopped there. In fact, if the sex wouldn't have happened I don't think I would have missed it at all. It was just plain rough sex. Not entirely sure why I went along with it cause I didn't feel submissive at all. And I know he was a newbie and all but I can't gather the motivation to be his test dummy to try out his newfound kinkyness on. I wan't someone experienced, the days of trying and getting halfway there is over. I no longer wish to play the role of the submissive one, I need to feel it, to be it.

So, you ask, why did you have sex with him?
Well, to tell the truth I just kinda went along with it. He started out perfect, stroking my neck and grabbing my hair and I did like that, but then all we did as foreplay was kissing, alot. And then some more kissing. I don't know about you but kisses is kinda boring after the first five. His tongue piercing gave the kisses a vague taste of metal, nothing disturbing but it was there. After we started on the foreplay I kinda figured I could still stop him whenever I felt like it but as usual I never took the decision to stop him (I am such an indecisive girl) and suddenly I was naked from the waiste down and had his tongue on my pussy. And finally I got some payment for my one hour car trip! He was good at it, and he sure knew where my g-spot was! With a little bit of change in speed I'm sure he could have made me come without me helping myself. Anyway, that was the highlight of the sex seeing as his penetration was below average and I could barely make myself enjoy it, in fact it actually hurt at times but bah, he was soon done so I was out of that trouble. Eventually I made myself come, stroking my pussy and his fingers inside it. And that was it, no cuddle or sweet words. We got up and ate. I'm not saying I need sweet words, but a little time to rest and catch my breath after the orgasm is nice! After the food, the movie and some chitt-chatt I went back home, another hour spent in the car, and comforted myself with some good food and an episode of Smallville. I quickly decided not to meet him again but before I could muster up the courage to say it several days passed all while he was asking and nagging when we would see each other again.

Conclusion: It's silly of me to regrett something that already happen so I won't do that. The oral was nice, the rest was ok. But I require awesomeness. Therefore I will file this under one-night-stands and never look back! Also I better learn something from have sex with a boy whose floor is a total mess!

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