Thursday, September 3, 2009

Caged, part 1

I stumbled a couple of lovely novells this morning and with the authors permission I'm posting them here. If you're scandinavian go to DarkSide and visit Mita, she's the one who created these masterpieces:

I slowly awakened in total darkness, curled in the foetal position on a big blanket. What had happened, and where was I? I couldn’t remember much from last night, except that the last drink had tasted a bit funny...

This wasn’t my bedroom. Come to think about it, not even a bedroom, I found out as I cautiously tried to uncurl myself and hit walls. No, not walls, metal bars. Cold, hard, metal bars, with thick soft cloth on the outside. I felt the panic starting to rise, fuelled by fear. And what was that around my neck? My hands flew up to my neck, finding a thin leather collar with a metal ring attached at the front. As quickly as I could I undid the clasp and threw the collar away from me; it hit the bars with a clang. Apart from that, the only sound I could hear was my own rapid breathing.

Suddenly there was a new sound in my world of darkness. A rhythmic thumping, made of hard heels on a wooden floor, coming closer. The footsteps stopped. “Ah, so we are finally awake?” It was a deep, manly voice, sounding slightly amused. “Let me introduce myself” The sudden bright light on the other side of the cage made me blink; the man had lifted one side of the cloth covering my cage. “I, he said as he peered at me, covering in the furthest corner, am your new Master, and you are my new Toy. Since I’ve paid quite a lot of money for you, I expect that you’ll perform well and show me what a good little slave you are. Now, come out and greet your Master”. He opened the door and took a step back. I didn’t move, just watched him intensively. He raised an eyebrow; “I said, come here, NOW”. I shook my head. “You’re not my master. You’re not my anything. I’m a free woman and you’d better let me go, now! I said, defiantly. His other eyebrow joined the first one. “You know, you’re just making it more difficult for yourself”, he said as he started to peel the fabric off the top of the cage. I tensed, watching him closely; he didn’t seem to pay too much attention to me, intent on his task of moving the heavy cloth. When he had reached the other end of the cage, I made a dash for the opening.

Just as I was fully out of the cage, he pounced on me, and we fell heavily to the floor, wrestling. I did my best, trying to escape him, but he was too strong and well trained for my efforts to last, and before very long I found myself lying on my stomach, breathing heavily, my hands effectively and somewhat painfully pinned behind my back where he was sitting. “So, he said as I felt him shift on top of me, you want to do this the hard way, eh? Fine with me” I heard metal clinking, and cold metal suddenly encased my wrists. “On your knees!” He got of me and took a firm hold of my hair to pull me up. “I haven’t had the opportunity to break a new slave in for quite a while. I am going to enjoy this! He bent his head close to my ear and whispered; “Thoroughly…”

“What’s this, the bitch has taken her collar off? I see I will have to teach you never to take anything off that I put on you without my expressive permission! Now, for your own good, don’t move” He let go of me, sullenly sitting on my knees with my hands handcuffed behind my back, went to retrieve the collar, and put it around my neck, making sure it was sitting tight. “There, much better, don’t you agree?” He tilted my head up and stroked a finger along my jaw line, ignoring the hate in my eyes. As he came close to my mouth I tried to bite his fingers; he quickly snatched his hand away. “Feisty little minx!” Smack! He cuffed me across the face. “That is NOT the way to treat your Master!” The hit was hard enough and unexpected enough to fell me to the floor. As I tried to get over the chock he quickly went to a nearby table to pick something up, then straddled me where I was lying, helpless, on the floor, and roughly strapped a gag on my head.

He then grabbed my hair and pulled me up on my feet, using the hair as a handle to pull my face close to his and hissed; “You obviously have A LOT to learn. I’d better make you unable to get yourself into trouble, until you’ve learnt who your Master is. I guess I just have to leash you like the ill-mannered bitch you are” as he said this he clipped a leash unto my collar and started to drag me across the room towards some kind of metal construction, almost like a freestanding doorway, with loops and rings on it in strategic places. I tried to dig my heels in, but the combination of him pulling on the leash connected to my neck, and an encouraging slap with a riding crop he’d kept in his riding boots kept me moving.

At the doorway he tossed my leash over the top, and pulled on it until I had to stand on tiptoe, or hang from the collar, and there he made it fast. He then walked around me, letting the crop caress and poke, sliding up along the legs, up the skirt and lifting it to better his view. I couldn’t defend myself against his intrusion, focused as I had to be to stay and hold my balance on my toes. Quite quickly he tired of the game and decided that he wanted to inspect his new toy more thoroughly. He picked up a knife, and, after letting the flat of the cold steel slowly, tauntingly, slide up my arm, sliced through my clothes, letting them fall off, one by one.

“Now, this is the way I like you; easily accessible for your Master at all times, should he so choose. Now, about your punishment…” Smack! Suddenly the crop hit my bare butt, making me jump and cry out from surprise and pain. He gave me a dozen lashes, letting his cruel whip spread stinging warmth across my buttocks. I tried to twist away, to escape, but to no avail; my leash didn’t give me much room to move. Apparently, even so, it wasn’t little enough to please my cruel captor; he stopped swinging the crop, letting it fall to the floor behind me, and stepped up close to me, pressing himself to my back, letting me feel his hardness and his hands slide up the front of my body, cupping themselves around my breasts, squeezing them, playing with the nipples until they hardened. “You know, I think something is missing; you don’t seem to find enough pleasure in your punishment. I’m going to add something extra to your friends here, and if you’ll be a good girl and stand still I’ll soon end your punishment. If not, well…” He released me and stepped away, coming around the frame after picking something up from the table and putting it in his pocket. He then first took my right breast in his hand, and started kissing his way over it, stopping at my nipple to lick, suck and nibble, first lightly, then harder as his hand massaged the breast, finally biting hard enough for me to gasp, quickly following it up by putting a nipple clamp on it, then stepping back to let me feel the pain blooming. “You like that, don’t you?” he said as he watched me trying to calm my breaths. Not giving me too much time to adjust to the new sensation, he repeated the procedure with the other breast and strode to the back of me again. “Now, remember, not too much squirming, or I’ll make it worse. Show me you can follow orders.” With that he started whipping me again, waiting in between the lashes for me to absorb the pain, watching me all the time with calculating eyes. I did my best to stand still, trying to breathe as deeply as I could, closing my eyes hard and fighting the tears. Even so, a tear leaked from underneath my eyelids and ran down my cheek. As soon as he saw that, he stopped.

He stuck the whip back down in his boot and came to stand in front of me. He reached out with a finger and caught my teardrop from my cheek, and looked at it, a look I couldn’t decipher on his face. He removed the nipple clamps and then the gag, all the time watching me closely. In a strangely soft voice he said; “I think that you have learnt today’s lesson. Wouldn’t you agree? Answer me.” I looked at him with large eyes, still having the occasional tremor going through my body from the pain of the punishment. “Yes”, I mumbled and looked down. Immediately there was a hint of steel in his voice and eyes, and he took my chin in a firm grip, raising my face to his. “I didn’t hear you. Try again.” I trembled, gazing into his eyes, not being able to look away. “Yes, Master” I whispered, defeated.

He looked into my eyes for a little while longer, and then, with a satisfied look in his eyes, released my chin. “Good Toy, that’s the way to answer your Master”. He unbound me from the steel construction and led me back to the cage. “I will take your handcuffs off and allow you to go into your cage to rest for a bit. I do not want to come back and find that you have taken your collar off again. Is that clear? You will _not_ like the result if you disobey me. Answer.” Again, I whispered “Yes Master”, looking at the cage that was to be my home. He uncuffed my hands and unclipped the leash, gestured for me to enter the cage and then locked it behind me, leaving it uncovered. As he walked out of the room, I once more curled, though this time very carefully, into a ball, trying not to cry. He was right. I had learnt my lesson. My body was sore and hurting and I felt very small and helpless. But I wasn’t broken. Just because I said what he wanted to hear and went where he pointed didn’t mean I actually meant it, that he was my “Master”. I did my best to tell myself that that small twitch of pleasure I had felt deep inside me when he praised me was really something else…

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