Monday, March 9, 2009

The Trip

Where do I start?

We clicked immediatley. Took us a couple of hours before we kissed and then it was a race against the traffic to make it back to his home and his bed before we went crazy.

Sex was very hot! Due to his will to please me I could ask for nipple licking for an hour and he did it without hesitation. Then he could move on to my pussy and stay there for a very long time too. It was very sexy! And the fact that he actually made some session only about! I felt so very cared for! And his kisses, yummie! At first he tried to eat my mouth a little bit to much but I was bold enough to mention it so he could stop. Think he´s the first one that really knew how to use his tongue while kissing of all the ones I kissed. But the again, I can´t remember the others.

We also visited a german sexshop and oh my if you ever have the chance, go! The one we visited was first of all huge! Think super market huge. They also had everything we can find in a swedish shop and then some more. The dolls, the toys, the movies and the comcis and books. All those books and comics I have drooled over for so long on the internet, there they were, in plain sight, right in front of my eyes. In german...sigh.

As usual when I begin a relationship I find myself not so much in need of submission, neither do I have the special drive that is needed for being dominating. Rather, I tend to prefer vanilla sex due to all the emotions running around on the loose. They make up for the lack of force or mind controll very well. That said, it doesn't mean we didnt try it on. Have to admitt, I slacked a bit on the dominating part, could have done it more. But you cant push it really, it has to come willingly, or else you just end up with sex that feels forced. He on the other hand did very well on dominating me.

He had a very special power over me we discovered, a pshycological control I never experienced before. Of couse I got a bit addicted and demanded it every day. He was more than happy to fulfill my wish. After all, the visible proof of his liking was there every time he controlled me (read boner). We can call it hypnosis. Though Im not sure my eagerness to submitt didn't have anything to do with it. It felt so right submitting not only my body but also my thoughts to him. Now dont worry, I was very conscious the whole time and could have snapped out of it when ever I wanted to. Wich I never wanted to do. For a submissive girl it was paradise.

And of course, I fell for the temptation to blow him and to feel his tongue on my pussy. Will be gathering the courage to make a test soon. Not that I dont trust him, but I´ve had 3 sex partners in a short time, should get it done.

The bragging side of me is so happy to make another notch in the bed post. The sensitive side is so gratefull to have shared a week of fucking and cuddling together with a very sweet man.

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