Friday, March 13, 2009


Woke up this morning feeling very sleepy. So I snoozed and dreamt of my online game. Woke up again and cuddled with my cat. Started to feel horny. Waited until she left me and then immediatly got to work.
Put lubrication on my left fingers, slid them down into my pussy and let out a big sigh. The first touch is always the best. I've been thinking about sex a while before I get to the point where I do it so when i finally touch myself it's lovely.
Thought about one of my more kinky fantasy, more on that at a later time, and as always it is a very certain way for me to come. Took me a little while and there it was, the orgasm, so bright and shiny it makes you wanna scream. Wich I did.

Some day I need to time my orgasms, seems they last a long time but it could just be me being very caught up in the emotion. I didn't settle with just one orgasm. After the first one I wanted to experience the feeling again. Im glad you get tired of orgams after a while or else I would stay in bed all my life, constantly rubbing myself. But this morning I decided on another one. My mind was rather blank actually, sent some thoughts to my italian boy but not enough to be called fantasy. Another shiny and bright orgasm. I felt revitalized and happy.

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