Saturday, March 21, 2009

Give me more!

I really long for a new sex partner. The thrill of learning what a person likes and get turned on by is exciting. And I need it right now. Every time I have sex with a new person I learn something else and also find that there are tiny differences. For exampel, some guys couldn't care less about their own nipples and stimulation of them and others love it almost as much as I love getting my nipples stimulated.

It feels a bit like Im behind the rest of the people in my age, that I haven't had enough sex partners. I really wanna correct that, I like sex and I wanna see what everyone else is doing in bed. But, without even trying, I've come to the conclusion that I dont like one-night stands. I have had feelings for everyone that shared my bed and I like it. I can trust them, be open hearted and honest. I dont think it would be the same with a one night stand, then it would be more focus on getting an orgasm for yourself and less caring for the other person. But then again, I never tried. And I wouldn't wanna turn it down if the opportunity appeared. There is one downside to becoming really good friends with your sexpartner before getting them into bed, it takes a long time! And Im in need now, not in half a year.

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