Friday, October 23, 2009


I have never in my life faked an orgasm and the times I've had sex and not had one can be counted on one hand throughout my entire life. I can make myself come very easily but I got a little hangup when someone tries to do it for me. Even though my summer crush made me think I died and went to heaven when he put his tongue on my pussy he never made me come. It strikes me as rather odd and I'm getting a bit frustrated by this. And sometimes I hear of girls only being able to come when someone else does it for them, I have no idea how they manage that?

And how do I get rid of a sexual hangup?


  1. I prefer when women (that are the way that you are) take responsibility for their own orgasm and dare to feel comfortable in doing that. According to my experience, its only then they feel relaxed enough to get those bonus orgasms. Accept things the way they are... and everything will come to you.

    And if the "great lovers" have a problem with that, then kick them out of your bedroom.

  2. I would kick them out of my bed, no worries there!

    True is that perhaps it would work if I relaxed a bit more but I always do take responsibility for my own orgasm, after all I'm the one who knows how to do it. I will take your advice to "accept things the way they are" and keep on smiling:)

  3. Most of times I actually _have to_ "do it for" her, because I am the type of guy who can go off by just thinking too hard about it, and if I focus on myself, performance time tends to shrink drastically. I get what I want fast :)