Tuesday, December 15, 2009


In front of me stood a woman, naked and voluptuous. As I walked closer I noticed that I too was naked and that our bodies looked similar. I knew I knew the woman in front of me but I couldn't name her, only knew that this was right, this was supposed to happen.
As I got closer she lifted her arms and invited me to her body and I gently embraced her into my arms. As we hugged I could feel every curve or her body, her ample breasts and soft stomach pushing against mine, and it was a warm and fuzzy feeling. Suddenly we were stood in a corner and I was leaning against the wall and we were kissing. It was a long and deep kiss, her tongue played around inside my mouth, feeling every little detail, rubbing against my tongue and following my lips lines. It was a sensual kiss and I woke up longing for a woman.

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