Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Unexpected fun time!

Yesterday was spent together with my play pal!

Today has been spent moaning everytime my breasts touched something, everytime I bent my neck and everytime I used my leg muscles. Happy, happy me!

I was lucky enough to get together with my play pal  yesterday and he took me for a ride in Pain-land again.
It started out rather calm by him ordering me to remove my clothes while he was looking at me. Sweater, top, trousers. Paus for inspection. Bra and panties. Paus for inspection. And then Wham! When I wasen't prepared he took a firm grip of both my nipples and brutally dragged me forward. I cried out and stumbled closer to him. After being placed in the center of the room he continued to play and pinch my nipples, just a bit harder than what's comfortable. After a while he got his bag of ropes and pulled one out and put it around my chest, and then another one but this one above my breasts. Tied my hands on my back to the rope and took a step back to admire his work. More pinching, squeezing and slapping of breasts proceeded. 

It was decided beforehand to not be any fucking involved this time so instead he could do whatever he wanted with the rest of my body (nothing new there really). He's got his mind set on teaching me to take it deep-throat so we did that alot cause I'm not very good at it yet. When he got bored of my gagging reflex he took it out on my breasts. 

At one point I was hogtied with my head hanging outside of the table I was lying on and forced to suck and take his cock as far in as I could. I fought desperatly against my own panic, sometimes succeding and sometimes panicking. But dammit, I really want to be able to do it! So most of the time I got myself together, swallowed the saliva and opened my mouth again. In the end when I couldn't stand it anymore and refused to open my mouth he slapped me in the face - and let me tell you this, it hurts in a most unpleasant way! Feels like the brain shakes and the entire cranium hurts. Effective and scary. I opened my mouth once again.

Later I was turned around on my back and head still hanging outside of the table. I recommend this position to be able to really do deep-throath, at least for a beginner like me. For the first time ever his cock slid all the way in and there was nothing stopping it! Totally amazed I could only stare straight ahead and didn't notice I should be gagging. It was awesome. Sadly the other times he did it I felt it oh so much more and couldn't stop the panic. But I'll be hoping for that pose again!
Every time he withdrew from my mouth and I tried to gather myself he liked to take the drool I produced, you know the thick kind that hangs from dick to mouth in every deep-throath-movie, and smear it into my face. I really disliked that! His sadistic laughter as he did it ensured me that I won't manage to get away from that in the future either.
Combined with the drool my eyes were always filled with tears, both from the tension in my throat and actual crying, my make-up were smudged (wich was the true reason I even used makeup that day) and I have photo proof that I looked god damn sexy like that! I especially love that you can see both pain and lust in my eyes.

Lying on my side, still hogtied and with a clothespin on my left nipple. Only on my left nipple. Because he knew it would make it more frustrating to get the pain asymmetrical. He was extremely correct. It hurt so incredible much I lost control over what I said and did. My body wriggled and squirmed, I could hear myself saying "Please, please" over and over until he removed it. Begging for mercy without a conscious decision to do so was...interesting. But so was the pain and I think that in the end I started to enjoy the other feelings that came alongside the pain. Or was that perhaps when he focused on my right nipple? Everything is a blur of pain and it's really hard to separate the different events.

He tried to do hair bondage on me but it failed. Don't know if my hair was to short or if it was to glossy but the rope slipped off as soon he pulled on it. But hey no worries, he could still take all my hair in one hand and painfully drag my head back to the edge of what's possible! Feeling the pull in my scalp, not being able to look back down/up again while getting mouth-fucked was arousing. And painful, never forget painful! As we ended the session he had me sitting on my knees, hands still on my back, and placed a rope between my lips and tied it to the rope on my back getting the same effect as the hair pulling. He then had my upper body, my pussy and thighs exposed wich he really enjoyed with a whip in his hand. That position rendered me tiny purple dots of bruises on my breasts and a thick upper lip from the rope. When I wasen't biting the rope in my eagerness to withstand the pain I screamed through the rope, oh so I screamed...

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